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Calendar September 10th, 2020  Hour 10:31  Category Music | Electronic

Release: Tricky-Fall_To_Pieces-WEB-2020-BEAMS
Size: 66.21 MB

Genre: Electronic

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Track list:

1. Tricky - Thinking Of (feat. Marta)
2. Tricky - Close Now (feat. Marta)
3. Tricky - Running Off (feat. Oh. Land)
4. Tricky - Im in the Doorway (feat. Oh.
5. Tricky - Hate this Pain (feat. Marta)
6. Tricky - Chills Me to the Bone (feat. M
7. Tricky - Fall Please (feat. Marta)
8. Tricky - Take Me Shopping (feat. Marta)
9. Tricky - Like a Stone (feat. Marta)
10. Tricky - Throws Me Around (feat. Marta)
11. Tricky - Vietnam (feat. Marta)


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